Tuesday, March 22, 2011

CRITTER CONNECT is a simple social tool for helping writers connect to critique groups and partners.

Go to the page that best describes what you're looking for or critique services you're willing to supply and enter something about yourself in the comments. DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE A WAY TO CONTACT YOU. If you have a profile with your email addy, great! Otherwise, when leaving an email address, play it safe and add spaces or spell out punctuation to prevent spambots from picking it up.

ex: critterconnect @ blogspot.com ; critterconnect(at)blogspot(dot)com

This is NOT the place to promote PAID services! Attempts at such promotion will be promptly deleted.

Keep it short in the comments. Be considerate of other peoples' time. You're welcome to leave a web address to a blog or facebook page or website that describes what you write or the group you belong to.

If you're looking for a partner and the number of comments becomes overwhelming, consider doing a "find" on the page (CONTROL-F) to highlight the genre you want a partner for.

This is a new site. The database will expand ONLY if others know about it. Please spread the word.

If  interest and participation warrants, a real, searchable database tool could evolve from this site.